Basic Cozy Sweats

Basic Cozy Sweats are made out of the softest of bamboo french terry.  Featuring several styles .

Skinny Sweats- a slim fit with a classic grey stripe cuff and fold over yoga waist band.  

Gussets- A harem style sweat pant with a gusset in the bum, featuring an elastic waist band. 

Pocket Joggers- a relaxed jogger with detailed pockets and a wide elastic band

Joggers- a fitted bottom with a large front and back gusset

92 results
Luxe Basic Boreal - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Basic Boreal - Skinny Sweats
Luxe Basic Cadet - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Basic Cadet - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Basic Cadet - Skinny Sweats
Luxe Basic Glacier - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Basic Glacier - Skinny Sweats
Luxe Basic Rose Glo - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Basic Rose Glo - Skinny Sweats
Luxe Basic Watermelon - Gusset Sweats
Luxe Basic Watermelon - Joggers
Luxe Basic Watermelon - Skinny Sweats
Luxe Basics Boreal - Gusset Sweats
Luxe Basics Cadet - Gusset Sweats
Luxe Basics Glacier - Gusset Sweats
Luxe Basics Rose Glo - Gusset Sweats
Luxe Glacier - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Rose Glo - Pocket Joggers
Luxe Tahiti Stripe - Joggers
Luxe Watermelon Stripe - Joggers
92 results
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