Luxe Leggings/Harems

Most staple item a child can have!!

Leggings- elastic waist with ankle cuffs 0-3 up to 6

Harems- slim fit with a dropped bum 0-3 up to 6

Movement leggings- yoga waist band, hemmed ankle 8y- 12y, and 6m and up for athletic leggings


53 results
Fall Paisley - Leggings/Harems
Mixed Media - Leggings/Harems
Dotty Floral - Leggings/Harems
Navy Splash Border - Leggings/Harems
Navy Rose Gold Geo - Leggings/Harems
Mono Galaxy Geo - Leggings/Harems
Colour Galaxy Geo - Leggings/Harems
Watercolour Geo - Leggings/Harems
Neutral Geo - Leggings/Harems
Quilted Floral - Leggings/Harems
Hockey Night French Terry - Lil Leggings/Harems
Black Grunge Dot on Heathered Grey - Leggings/Harems
White Grunge Dot on Heathered Grey - Leggings/Harems
White Heathered Dot on Blue Linen - Leggings/Harems
Grey splatter on Rose Linen - Leggings/Harems
Black splatter on Grey Linen - Leggings/Harems
Large White Dot on Rust Linen - Leggings/Harems
Multi Muted Dot on Oatmeal - Leggings/Harems
Multi Dot on Heathered Grey - Leggings/Harems
Tiki Room - Leggings/Harems
Panda Stripes French Terry - Lil Leggings/Harems
Honeycomb Border French Terry - Lil Leggings/Harems
Mini Stripes Blue - Leggings/Harems
Mini Stripes Pink - Leggings/Harems
Mini Stripes Black - Leggings/Harems
Mini Stripes Navy - Leggings/Harems
Mini Stripes Grey - Leggings/Harems
Rose Brown Linen - Leggings/Harems
Carolina Blue Linen - Leggings/Harems
Purple Linen - Leggings/Harems
Dark Teal Linen - Leggings/Harems
Garnet Linen - Leggings/Harems
Light Grey Linen - Leggings/Harems
Mellow Ombré - Leggings/Harems
Inverted Marble - Leggings/Harems
Vintage Lace - Leggings/Harems
53 results
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