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Bear and Roo Athletic styles are selected based on bodies of all sizes!!! All styles can work with athletics; but some styles work better with specific ATHLETIC FABRICS.  

Athletics are the most customizable line Bear and Roo has to offer. Ranging in juniors to plus size, for little kids, women, and men.  

These styles are hand selected to best suite the fabrics but feel free to check out all styles to see what catches your eye!!! 

{Makers Pick - various styles but always pick parkland , tornado bras, slim racer roos, Orion leggings, and the new alpine 1/4 zip}

  {these are not to purchase, they are not sold out, they are just a visual reference for styles}

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Ladies’ Skyliner Tank StyleLadies’ Skyliner Tank Style
Mia Leo / Peplum / Dress StyleMia Leo / Peplum / Dress Style
Ladies'  Boreal Joggers  StyleLadies'  Boreal Joggers  Style
Ladies' Boreal Joggers Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladies'  Resolution Leggings StyleLadies'  Resolution Leggings Style
Skipper Skort StyleSkipper Skort Style
Skipper Skort Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladie's Elli Flare BottomsLadie's Elli Flare Bottoms
Ladie's Elli Flare Bottoms Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladies' Racer Shoreline Dress StyleLadies' Racer Shoreline Dress Style
Lil Retro Track Pant StyleLil Retro Track Pant Style
Lil Retro Track Pant Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladies'  No Show BRIEFS Undies {3 Rises}Ladies'  No Show BRIEFS Undies {3 Rises}
Ladies'  No Show THONG Undies {3 Rises}Ladies'  No Show THONG Undies {3 Rises}
Ladies’ Lake House RomperLadies’ Lake House Romper
Ladies’ Lake House Romper Sale price$0.00CAN
Lil Lake House RomperLil Lake House Romper
Lil Lake House Romper Sale price$0.00CAN
Elli Flare Bottoms StyleElli Flare Bottoms Style
Elli Flare Bottoms Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Lil Links Tee StyleLil Links Tee Style
Lil Links Tee Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladies' Cheeky Shorts StyleLadies' Cheeky Shorts Style
Ladies' Cheeky Shorts Style Sale price$0.00CAN
Ladies'  Freestyle Bottoms StyleLadies'  Freestyle Bottoms Style


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Athletic Styles

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Tips to make shopping BR easy :

1. Find a fabric you love , read about the content

2 Check for styles within that fabric collection

3. All recommended styles should already be in drop down but if not grab a custom spot and leave a note.