BRUSHED YOGA - often seen in our surprise Saturday PRINTS. Is a mid weight athletic   80/20% Polyester/lycra. This base is often printed on across the grain to provide maximum coverage on the bum. It is soft to the touch with a brushed feeling. Brushed yoga is great for many styles and is the most versatile base Bear and Roo stocks.

AIR - Light, semi-compressive, full matte finish and great stretch! 77% poly, 23% elastane gives amazing stretch all ways. Double brushed faces, hyper wicking and drying. Air is great for many styles and is a fan favourite for leggings, lakesides, tanks, tops , nevadas and the list could go on and on.

FLEX- mid weight - semi compressive, sheen finish and amazing stretch. 89% Polyester, 11% Spandex and also provides UPF 50+ properties to protect from the elements in outdoor activities. Perfect for leggings, bras, tamaracks, whitecaps, tops and again could go on and on for styles.

YOGA LUXE - a thicker weight yoga with a sheen line flex. It Carrie’s a compression fit. (However since released we cut opposite direction to provide better stretch ) this athletic is milled in Europe so has a different structure then our regular bases. Luxe is perfect for womens shorties, miles, bras, slim racer, tornado tanks, lakeside pants, nevadas , chill pants, and a compression fit legging.

YOGA ATHLETIC - is your basic yoga base. 88% Nylon  12% Spandex its matte colour, mid weight , medium stretch. Perfect for leggings, bras, nevadas, lakesides , etc. you can got wrong with a basic yoga base.

AIR DELIXE - the softest activewear fabric we have.  This 4-way silky stretch air skin fabric is complex to describe, because it's light feeling but still weighted for tops and underwear. Luxurious touch and pearl finish. 82% Nylon  18% Lycra. Perfect for underwear , bralettes, tops, lakesides, tops, kids wear etc. great for a thinner base legging but is not squat proof.
TUNDRA - is what winter dreams are made of. Amazing stretch but backed with fleece. Perfect mid layer for outdoor skiing, hiking, back country exploration, anything in the chilly weather! It's great for layering without getting bulky. Fully Matte silky finished exterior face with low-pile plush fleece interior face. Perfect for hoodies, Sweatshirts, Joggers, Leggings, Thermal layers and much much more! Polyester nylon blend.

BRUSHED EXTREME - previously called brushed yoga but with our prints taken over that name this one needed revamped. Brushed extreme you need to feel it to believe it. It has a peach fuzz touch that is impossible to resist. The highest quality of double brushed performance compressive fabric for your leggings, crops, hoodies, and more. It is a poly nylon blend. Perfect for high abrasion athletic for outdoor skiing, hiking, back country exploration, anything in the chilly weather!
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