My goal is to provide women in their everyday and active lifestyle with clothing that is comfortable and moves with them. The option to treat themself or their family in sustainable fabrics that can be worn in all activities of life. 


I'm Jen, the creator of Bear & Roo.  Launching the company in 2015. Located in Saskatchewan, Canada, I sew all of your items myself, following trendy and versatile styles for women and their families.  I am the face behind media and newsletters so don’t be a stranger and not reach out!
I started Bear and Roo in September 2015, after my second little was born. I wanted cozy clothing for my girls that looked cute too.  I even named my company after my girls, Bear for my oldest and Roo for my youngest. My passion for clothing quickly evolved into women’s everyday and athletic wear when the need for quality inclusive clothing started to arise. 

One thing that sets us apart is the customizing that can happen to allow a true one of a kind item that speaks to the customer. Sustainable clothing is the future and I’m excited to be apart of it.  Bringing in top quality of softness and fibres that stretch for comfort allowing customers to move and adapt to their daily activities.  


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